Hey Tf, well here it is we have a New Year’s resolution for our favorite homosexual. It’s Paul Greenwell yes that’s his real name and I am tired of this fucking faggot and his water down bullshit. In 2019 we are going to expose this fucking cum hole to the world. And all of his perverted Antics. That means sucking black cocks and being a total asswore for any big cocks that come along.

This disgusting homosexual cock smoker is going to be posted everywhere, Twitter, several websites until everyone knows what a little big titted sissy bitch she is. I will divulge the deep dark secrets of this perverted dildo riding cocksucker. She will regret the day she contacted me and let me get into her computer. I will be taking more and more money.

No Christmas this year for this disgusting piss hole of a fagg. I will be taking all Christmas money and gifts from this sissy loser. So be ready in 2019 .

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  • OMG I’ve never been this bad Iam actually obbsesed 24/7 non stop touching my clitty and it feels better the more I do it I know it’s so wrong but I can’t help myself

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