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Andrew Brown – Exposed Faggot

I'm Andrew Brown, a 59 y/o faggot from Dallas and, as you can tell, I love exposing myself.  Yes, I may change my mind...

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Andrew Brown – Exposed Faggot showing his true colors

It's been a journey to admit to myself that I'm gay, now let me show the world! It only took 59 years, but here...

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Andrew Brown Past and Present

Like me, i bet most fags went through life acting like a "real man" and kept secret (sometimes even from themselves) that cock was...

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Happy New Year from Andrew Brown, Exposed Faggot to share

Happy New Year. One of my resolutions was to stop using my alias (Pete Richards) and use my real name (Andrew Brown).  So, here...

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Pete Richards – Faggot to be used and exposed

Coming to terms with the fact I'm a faggot. When forms ask for sexual orientation I put bisexual, but who am I kidding. I...

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About me

Andrew Brown

On your cock

Life-long "alpha male" who finally came to terms that that was just a facade and am now letting my true, inner faggot come out.

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