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The first time for self exposure

YYes, after that first pic, it got so easy. I would do a search and find it online, where anyone could find it. I...

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My destiny turned out to be a sissy faggot

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stephaniefag eating own cum

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Love being called a faggot

Yes, every day  I watch fag dirty talk, so many to watch, but they have convinced me I am the faggot, cocksucker and being...

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               I admit to  being a sissy faggot. I always wear panties.  The fear of actually becoming a...

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for sure a bottom

I have a tiny worthless limp dick, good for laughing at, no good to satisfy a woman. I like cock in my mouth or up my ass. Cum is always good in either hole or just all over my face. I wear panties 24/7. I do admit to being a sissy, a cocksucker, just a flaming faggot. If that is my destiny, I can live with that.