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    1 week, 2 days ago
    Yes, I might as well tell the world the truth, I am a cocksucker, a faggot, always in panties 24/7. I like cum eating and facials. I have had cum in my ass. I get so…

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  • It’s funny how life works, I remember my first time in a gay bar for a pool tourney, not knowing it was a gay bar. I got hit on and he put his hand on my leg at the bar, I freaked and told him to stay away. Now, I would return the caress and be more open
  • My dick is so limp anymore, that I can’t even satisfy myself by stroking, I need to use a vibe to get off and have to watch dirty talk porn, where I am called a cocksucker and faggot over and over
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  • If someone called me a cocksucker, I would love to get down on my knees and prove them right, As I am a cocksucker
  • The first time for self exposure

    YYes, after that first pic, it got so easy. I would do a search and find it online, where anyone could find it. I needed to post more and more. Now everyone can see cock in my mouth, cum...

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I have a tiny worthless limp dick, good for laughing at, no good to satisfy a woman. I like cock in my mouth or up my ass. Cum is always good in either hole or just all over my face. I wear panties 24/7. I do admit to being a sissy, a cocksucker, just a flaming faggot. If that is my destiny, I can live with that.