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  • 12in BBC Dildo in ass no lube. Balls deep video soon. Just what a T-slut like me deserves
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  • Blackmail me for a month. Make me do risky slutty tasks.

    Fun Part: If i fail, you get to send this photo to a friend of mine. And make up a list i “told you” i wished i could do to her in front of her boyfriend

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  • Diaper slut advertisement.

    2 Requirements:
    Use me like a fuck toy
    Cum where it says cum, or soak me!

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  • Balls to be tortured, and empty canvas for bodywriting. Fill my canvas, then give me degrading things and info i should put on my body! Make the writing on my face run with a cumshot, the more the better!
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  • Panty strip-tease! Dm request, or to request to blackmail me!
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