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Hello everyone, especially Masters and Dominant People. I am a masochist and submissive to the bdsm climate for almost thirty years now, the vast majority of me have been devoted to serving women, for more or less two years, I definitely want to serve men. I want to be treated totally, to the maximum, humiliated, shown. I love taking photos and videos, watching them and sharing them with others, knowing that I am totally exposed. I need a strong sensation, like triple adrenaline! I like nudity. For some time I have also been absorbed in imagining and experiencing scat fetish. I am already visible on, google, sometimes also as an eggman, but recently I am fully disclosing myself with my name and contact details. Knowing that I can be exposed is extremely exciting. I love being treated like a rag, a worthless piece of meat between my legs. I dream of serving black masters, but this is not a condition, I want to be totally dominated. I am visible on xhamster, absolutely exposd,, scatboy, recon, exposedfaggots, bdsml, etc ... I humbly greet the Masters.