Jeffrey Rossman from Connecticut being publicly named and outed as a homosexual sissy queer


JEFFREY ROSSMAN from CONNECTICUT is shown coming out wearing a short plaid miniskirt,bra, blouse, panty, sheer pantyhose and heel and being exposed so people who  know him in the real world will see him for what he really is, a panty wearing sissy faggot who loves dressing as a girl. Jeffrey wants family, friends, and whoever else may know him to learn he has always felt more attracted to boys and that he loves dressing as girl and being desired by boys.  He no longer has pubic hair and now has noticeably formed breasts. Jeffrey likes to shave his legs, and go shopping for skirts, bras, panties, pantyhose, etc and to look at reactions of the saleswomen as they ring up his purchases. Jeffrey wears panties, bras, pantyhose, skirts and heels and all the more so because, dressing as a girl in short skirts and lace panties gets boys aroused and seeing boys get hard in their underwear gives Jeffrey the thrill of knowing he will touch the boy`s hard penis and take it into his mouth to prove how much he loves boys. Jeffrey is asking to be exposed as homosexual sissy faggot so he may run the risk of being recognized by people who know him. Check his social profiles at: for more pictures and information that can be used to further expose him.

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