Christopher Jones – exposed Diaperfag loser from Long Island!


Hi guys! I’m here today to tell the world that I am a kinky horny slut who loves to be exposed online!

I started on this path 4-5 years ago and now my goal is to be permanently and irrevocably exposed and humiliated for being a diaperfag loser.

I love wearing diapers and peeing in them and sniffing them when they are wet, and I like to wrap my pee soaked diapers over my face while I masturbate.

I beg you all to please download, share, and repost me to make sure I can never undo my exposure!

Feel free to use my real full name “Christopher James Jones” and make me regret this posting!  <— A video of me showing my ID card and verbally confessing my desires!

Thank you sooo much and have a great kinky day!!!

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