Hey TF, you won’t even believe this stupid fucking Homo  And how I robbed him for $800 to fix my air conditioner. Unfortunately my air conditioner broke and I needed to get it fixed and had to pay $800 out of my own pocket. Not even two hours later I’m back on the computer and this faggot sends me a message  I guess you could say it was bad timing for this Homo and was a great time for me so I took my $800.  We first took it from Amazon and typed in a bunch of faggy shit in the gift card. What do you know Amazon put a freeze on the cards and we had to get customer service to look at them.

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total French faggot

Hey TF,  I said it before and I’ll say it again, the french fags are the best and I really think all of us masters should move to France and just take over this pussy country. This fucking Homo queer messages me begging to pay me. Just like the rest of his countrymen hes smart and knows this straight master deserves his fag cash. it didn’t take but five minutes for him to sign up for Amazon and get me this $50 gift card. I can tell this queer will be back for more and more. He was definitely a good use today and I’m sure we will see more of this Homo in the future, stay tuned fags.

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Hey TF,  this fucking nut juggler messaged me begging to take his fag money as he is worthless and needs to give his cash to a Superior Str8 Master. I was busy working on something and told this fag to catch me later, hahahahahaha! SO he had to go get his amazon account set up and sure enough comes back, PLEASE Master im a faggot take my money. Hmmm, well ok fag, time to get taxed, taking candy from a fucking baby. Send this homo a message and tell him what a queer he is. He might be busy getting fucked in his dumphole by a group of guys but im sure he will get back to you, LMAO!

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Hey TF, These fucking faggots just cant stay away! This fucking sissy crosssdressing freak cuckold fag was a big fish for awhile when he started crying poor. I knew this homo was lying but whatever. Sure enough he comes back around begging to pay his fag cash and get raped! I will message a fag now and then but unlike many Masters I do my thing and they come to me. This poor fag messages, Sir Im in my fag gear ( lipstick, pantyhose, panties and plug up his fag hole ) and im ready for rape. Well thats music to my ears and I can be a good friend to you fags like that. Im always happy to help you out of your faggot cash, hahahahahaha. So I took this hobag for a few hundred, some of which I used on my date with a hot latina last night. Drinks are expensive lol.

Whats funny is Ill get a couple of butthurt broke fags message me rude shit every now and then. One messaged me the other day and said, youre a fake Master, you actually love fags. I just laughed and said, ” Of course I LOVE fags” what would make you think I dont? Hell, fags support my lavish lifestyle, pay for my dates, pay my mortgage, food, nights out, new laptop, mobile broadband bill, phone, everything. Without you faggots Id have to get a fucking job, bahahahahahaha. So yea, I love fags and you can quote that!

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