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Hey TF, every day we get these fucking professional faggots that send in pictures with their license and all their information on them etc and so on. These are all the fucking cheap ass freeloader faggots that photoshop their fucking pics and post them on the net because they are too fucking cheap to tribute a Master for their fucking time. what they dont realize is how much better it is when a Master does it and they arent dominating themself, lol. Well I gave this fucking clown his day but WONT post this homos name for free like he wants. Fag even sent in his email, please dont post my REAL name and then said his full name and has it on his license. As If Im noob Master that falls for that reverse psychology shit. Maybe other Masters will fall for it and post the real name like he wants but NOT here. fuck this homo, hahahahahaha. DENIED!

HAHAHA, look at this fucking loser, see the white spot on the bottom and the white paper thats blanked out? thats where his name was, thinking Id post that shit for free. Keep sucking cocks homo and when you want REAL exposure the send me a fucking gift card faggot. The only reason I posted this is because its too funny. But you got DENIED HOMO!

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Hey TF, This is a REAL cock sucking homo cum guzzler and hes ready to suck all the cum out of all takers who need their cocks drained. I cant say I respect you fags but I have a certain level of something for fags that REALLY suck cock as opposed to these faggots that just suck dildos and call themself a faggot! LMAO! So good job to this fucking pole smoking ass licker as he is the REAL mother fucking deal! Look at this fag trying to get those balls in his cock hole for a full on deepthroat tea bag combo, LMAO, fucking losers.

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Hey TF, We have a REAL pro sissy cocksucker here with her own faggot homo porn name, Jennie Morecock. All in her sissy fag maid outfit and wig ready to slob on so nasty fags dong, lol. Look at this guys hairy fucking bush, this poor sissy homo gonna get a hair pie! I have a feeling we are going to see alot more of this fag as we have a bunch of pics of this fags face getting painted with a cumload, ahahahahahaha. total fucking fag exposure here!

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