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All fags that need to be exposed for the cock sucking homo clowns they are. The ultimate in fag humiliation and exposure in becoming a topfag!

Hey TF, Look at this fucking idiot, can he look anymore like a total fucking faggot moron? I seriously doubt it, and guess what, YUP another fucking turd muncher. This fag loves eating dookie. Wtf is the matter with these homos, I just want to kick this fags face in with a steel toed boot. He thinks hes mans best friend there on his knees like a dog. Hes more like mans best fucking punching bag toilet! I REALLY think hed look better with a turd covering that face of his. Anyway, hes working on that. What a surprise! fucking queer!

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Hey TF, Holy mother of god is this fucking piece of shit faggot is ugly as fuck. GQ is not what you think in this case. This is a Grandpa’s Quarterly photoshoot that never made it to the cover of the magazine based on pure horror factor. This fucking buzzard is on the loose scaring women and children all over the place. If you see this fucking crypt keeper on the street, proceed with EXTREME caution as he is armed and dangerous. Armed with a bad case of the ugliness! LMAO.

This faggot is so ugly his mother fed him with a slingshot when he was a baby! Looks like she fed him rocks and glass, bahahahahaha. Stay clear if you value your life as this fucking jackal is a beast! I feel sick after writing this, I think I will go puke!

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Hey TF,  some faggots are so horny for cock they just start sucking any fucking thing that looks like a cock. Look at this nut snuggling rim licker trying to suck some rusty pipe off. Is there no shame with the fucking faggots. Would be fucking hilarious if this cock lover slipped and knocked out all his monkey fronts in his fag grill. hahahahahaha. Hey faggot, you have too much time on your hands! Eat a dick loser!

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Hey TF, doesn’t this fucking faggot have a face that you just want to smash in? this butt pirate sent me these pictures but was too cheap to hit me with an Amazon, so I’m not posting his Yahoo messenger or who he is in this post. He can go suck a Dick! I’m sure if you seen him you will recognize him though that’s for sure.

I just had to post this picture because after looking at it I got angry and wanted to punch my computer screen. This turd burglar has a bandanna and glasses on like he’s a bro, when he’s nothing but a butt licker. look faggots stop trying to be cool because you are nothing but cock suckers. I’m sure a lot of Masters will comment on this because his picture is just annoying. I don’t care if he’s a faggot or not if I saw this loser on the street I would probably just attack him, lol. Anyway.

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Hey TF, This fucking french sissy faggot is getting on my fucking last nerve and its time to fuck this faggot over. This piece of shit is relentless. Jerking his fag stick all fucking day every fucking day. Hes got a fucking screw loose and wants it all fucking day. I swear I want to smash this faggot’s face in. I humiliate this fag in a room full of Masters for over an hour and he still says Sir you promise fag exposure on topfags.

Then I post for this french queer and he cums 2 hours later. Now my yahoo is blowing up, PLEASE Sir blur my face, take that down, Im begging you PLEASE! Im too fucking nice to this fucking nutlicker. If youre reading this frenchy FUCK YOU! $100 to blur your face, NO session NO nothing! Im tired of your, Im excited Sir, ok fag well Im busy, Shame Sir. No not shame! Fuck you faggot, you want EXPOSE? Now you got it for real you fucking french fag. Now EVERYONE knows youre a cock sucking sissy faggot and more will know until I get paid faggot!

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Hey TF, A MUST FOR ALL MASTERS TO READ, Sergi Gomez Palau AKA Sergio Omega the biggest fucking scumbag FAGGOT on the planet is hacked and TAKEN DOWN, pwned! Real name revealed! I don’t even know where to begin on this one, this scumbag  sits around all day scamming Masters, every day of the week! This piece of shit finally got what he deserved. KingDarius dropped a keylogger on this Homo and logged screenshots of all his activity. All of this passwords, all of his website logins and all of his scamming activity.

As you can see in this picture above he is panicking and changing his name. but he can’t run from true Masters that will eventually take all faggots down. click the comment and read more link below to see more screenshots of this spanish faggot running scared. I encourage all Masters to comment as it took some time to make this and we would like to hear your dealings with this piece of shit!


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Hey TF, total fag exposure, humiliated on a worldwide level. that’s right you lowlife homo faggot pieces of shit don’t think you can hide from the inevitable destruction of being exposed as the true faggot you are. Some of you limp dick losers need that extra bit of exposure to show the world who you really are. This means no mercy on our part! take this story about bootbroc and how MasterJ0nas took control of him.

I took the time to optimize this story especially for the Google search engine. If you think we are playing around type bootbronc ( this fags name ) into Google and see what happens. The number one story within two days! now that is complete fag annihilation! we don’t do this for everyone, but this butt pirate/ boot licking loser needed to be exposed! Topfags.com is the right place to do it. We blur the face for some fags that arent ready for that next level type of shit, pussys! LMAO . Let the world see that you are a top fag contact us ass clowns!

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Hey TF, This cock gobbler Jarret hit me up on his fagcam months ago, Just recently cash raped his fucking ass good. To start off I was chatting a bit with this helmet buffer, then started using the credit this homo had left on the cam site. We moved onto skype and this ass pirate took a screen shot of me so I charged him 10$ per screen shot he took, and 10$ for each screen shot I took of him, Then asked him if he can guess how many hairs i’ve got on my balls s0 he won’t have to pay me 100$, fag thought he was actually gonna see em, bahahahahhaa! NOT. fag loses every time!

Started forcing this homo huffer to take in hits of kitchen cleaner & hold it in. After he was all tweaked out I told him to get a bag for the cleaner and a straw. He was getting FUCKED UP taking huge HOOFS n WOOFS of this shit! DOH! After a bit of being fucked up & talking, I told him to ductape his cock and balls tightly and wrap it around his legs hip and ass multiple times until it was really tight, making him rip off the fag tape over and over! Thats a fag wax!. Il submit more of this homo huffer soon. Fucking Clowns! Hit me up fags Yahoo Id: mastershayne




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