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All fags that need to be exposed for the cock sucking homo clowns they are. The ultimate in fag humiliation and exposure in becoming a topfag!

Hey TF, We have a report of a faggot scammer that likes to get sessions for Masters to come in  and take money from paypal and then cancels the paypal echeck before it clears. This fucking faggot is the lowest from of scumbag on the planet. This is a warning as hes scamming a lot of Masters who want others to be warned. If you have anymore information on this faggot feel free to message master@topfags.com. Fuck this piece of shit.

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Hey TF, we got another fucking freak who loves being all wrapped up in nylons and pissing himself like a sissy bitch, hahahahahah!  I have taken so much money from this hooter girl faggot its not even funny. Even that tax check, hahahaha. All this pillow biters cash comes to me and thats it. Nore more money on nylons for this dumb fuck, just piss soaked dirty ones. stay tuned for a video of this queer coming soon!

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Hey TF, Hope you havent eaten before you watch this nasty ass faggot video. We finally obtained K9NachoLibre fags video that proves without a doubt this fag is finally broken the half-a-fag barrier into real fagdom. Totally disgusting homo queer getting his fag face stuffed full of cock from another fag. This fucking homo is getting worked in this video. I watched about 2 seconds and that was too much. No more plastic cocks for this toilet licking homo pillow biter. hes a full fledged faggot and has paid $1300 so far in fag exposure taxes, hahahahahaha, fuck you homo! VIDEO COMING SOON.

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Hey TF, this is a warning to all Masters about this slave avrgguy1960 sending phishing yahoo messages to masters to try and get their yahoo id and password. Read the above screenshot. He has sent me this message twice in the past week. I actually fell for it the first time. Takes you to a fake page that looks just like a yahoo login to see the so called picture. Well its fake and when you put in your yahoo info it sends the name and password to the hacker. Luckily I figured it out right away and changed my password.

First time he claimed he didnt do it. Second time he cam on right after it happened saying the same thing, only there was no login and out and you can have only one person on a yahoo id at a time. So unless theres is a ghost at his house I dont see who else could be doing it. Look at the graphic where its 10:22 from the hacker message and 10:27 when fag answers then claims it wasnt him, youll also so no login and out. Beware of this yahoo id!

Hey TF, Look at this public cum dumspter getting a mouth full of cock. What a fucking ball sniffing homo this fag is. He cant get out of this predicament, not that this sak sucker wants to, LOL. Looks like the fag on top is dumping a big stickY load down this faggots throat. mmmmm, a tasty lunch for this fag and look at his face, proud to take a load like a good queer. Hey fag, how does that fags nutsak smell? Im sure there was an asshole cleaning right after this pump and dump. LMAO! At least this peeeeelow biter is a REAL fag and not sending pics with plastic cocks in his grill. LOL!

Hey TF, I think I’m going to make a category called half a fag because they keep getting losers pictures of them sucking plastic cocks. Okay, what kind of fag sucks a plastic cock. This homosexual pillow biter has been saving his change for about three months and when he finally lets go of a few dollars he sends me an Amazon UK. Wtf, I’m not in the UK you fucking queer. In any case, this turd burglar is a real pathetic freak. Someone needs to stop this fag into the dirt and take a piss in his ugly face. Why do you think he has a hood on. No one wants to see his mug, hahahahaha. I will say he has great name though. subfaggotron, it’s like some futuristic fag robot, LMAO. You can check him out here. http://www.masterscash.com/subfaggotlon/

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Hey TF, More faggots who are ashamed of what they are so they try to be mans best friend. This fucking homo is eating his scooby snacks out of a dog bowl. I guess if you’re a fag you just want to be something else. You cant really blame the pooper pounders for trying to escape their homoness. Poor faggot has a belt holding up his fag gut. Maybe its all that fucking fido food he is eating thats making him a fat fucking ball licker, LMAO! Anyway if you see this doggie doo doo chaser stay clear as hes probably got some kind of faggot rabies to which there is no fucking cure!

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Hey TF, French fags in the news again and love being exposed as the fucking faggots they are. This fucking french homo cancelled his payment to me so I told him I was going to come to france and fuck your ass up. This fag started crying and begging. Finally found a way to keep paying me all his fag euros. this fag has been trying to pay me for awhile. Finally got his cash. Hes fucking his finger and then eating his shit like a total fucking homo.

All french faggots need to pay because they are pussies. I will have video of this homo up soon, he is banned from this site right now and Im making him pay more so I will unban him, bahahaaha! stupid fucking french faggot. I take all his cash. Ive lost count, I think maybe 300 euros now! LMAO! FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG!

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Hey TF, Bwuahahahaha, look at leatherface here, he forgot Halloween is over. Look at this fucking ass munching queer with his fag stick on hard. Take a good look at this pillow biting faggot who wants to be mans best friend. Fat chance you fat ass rump ranger. Youre still a fag! All your cash goes to Str8 men. I even took some from spot! Hes lucky Im not near him or Id stomp his fag face in and take a hot piss in his grill, Too fucking funny these hooligans in their fag gear. More to come!

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