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All fags that need to be exposed for the cock sucking homo clowns they are. The ultimate in fag humiliation and exposure in becoming a topfag!

Hey TF, look who is back and in the news it’s this fucking sissy faggot Homo sissy Paula slut. This fucking queer cannot get enough of being exposed and wants everyone to know what a cock sucking sissy faggot bitch she is. If you see this fucking whore on the street feel free to with your cock out and dick smack her ugly fucking face and then titty fuck those big juicy tits of hers. Ha ha Ha ha ha no mercy for this faggot there will be a lot more to come.Edit

Hey TF, Hahahahaha look at this fucking boot licking faggot is back for more and he fucked with the wrong masters because we are going to ruin this motherfuckers life. This fucking faggot is so god damn annoying that I am going to destroy his faggot ass along with my bro J0nas the ex convict. What kind of moron lets his info out to a fucking ex convict and an owner of the #1 fag exposure site? LMAO!  There will be no mercy given to this fucking texas pillow biter. He will be exposed everywhere and everyone will know his name and will be #1 on the google search, posted on craigslist etc. No mercy, his friends and family will find out what a fucking boot licking homo faggot he is.

You will be seeing much more of this fucking loser as we will having him licking toilet seats and boots around town and expose him more and more until everyone finds out that this faggot is a total fucking loser. And if you’re a faggot reading this then let it be known TopFags and Master J0nas will put you out there on the spot. So get in your amazon and start sending those tribute you fucking queers and learn a lesson from this faggot as he gets exposed more and more for the queer loser he is.


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Hey TF, is the slavecumdump begging for MasterPimp and MasterGinge to take his cash and make him a topfag star. Faggot cocksuckers like this pay all of their cash to straight masters. If you see this fucking Homo on the street spit in this fucking queers face. He will offer you a blowjob for five bucks and suck you to completion. Faggot cocksuckers like this always swallow like a good bitch. Fuck you Homo!


Hey TF, here it is Gay marriage is now legal in the USA and SissyPaulaJones is an Aussie Mail order faggy bride!!!!! Hahahahahaahh, YOU heard it right, this whore wants to come to the USA and be some fags Arm Candy, bahahahahaah! shes willing to suck dicks and do rim jobs 24/7. Shes not that hot, actually pretty much of a pig, but she cums cheap. Look at this fucking homo!!!!! Bahahahahahaha, fuck you, spose this faggot and piss in her fag face!!!

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